Cyclonic combustion chamber flow The Cyclone Engine represents true “thinking outside the box.” This is because it is not a new variation of the internal combustion engine, but rather, a highly advanced External Combustion Engine.

Whereas almost anything can go into a Cyclone Engine, almost nothing comes out. It is exceptionally environment-friendly because the combustion is continuous and more easily regulated for temperature, oxidizers and fuel amount. Lower combustion temperatures and pressures create less toxic and exotic exhaust gases.

The engine’s uniquely configured combustion chamber creates a rotating flow that facilitates complete air and fuel mixing, and complete combustion, so there are virtually no emissions. Less heat is also released. Exhausted gases run through a heat exchanger before leaving the engine, lowering the temperature at release to about 350 degrees… hundreds of degrees lower than internal-combustion exhaust.

Versatile and clean, the Cyclone Engine also travels without an “entourage” of costly, complicated components. It needs no catalytic converter… no radiator… no transmission… no oil pump (and no oil… the engine is water-lubricated). Eliminating these subsystems reduces cost… engine size and weight… and energy loss. And it increases efficiency and reliability. Small wonder “revolution” is part of its name…