These engines are also much simpler with a significant reduction in part count, greatly easing the cost of maintenance and logistic support.

The Cyclone Technologies were originally developed starting some 5 years ago by CPT which holds the patent rights. Advent Power Systems Inc has an exclusive licence for the manufacture to satisfy the Defence market needs.

Existing versions of the Cyclone Engines can be seen on the internet on Advent Power Systems web site is After viewing these sites, the following can be put in a better context.

The advantages of the Cyclone Engine for defence applications include: -

  • They will burn any liquid fuel available-solving a major problem in the field (JP8, well refined OR sloppily refined diesel, gasoline, etc).
  • These fuels can be mixed in the same tank.
  • There is no external radiator for the engine, completely eliminating that special vulnerability in most military vehicles.
  • The engine can be placed anywhere in the vehicle when used as an electric power generator, giving much greater design flexibility, and enhanced flexibility when used as a drive motor.
  • Efficiencies are comparable to diesels, but with fewer component parts.
  • Has a 2.5: 1 horsepower to weight ratio/advantage when compared to a diesel with all its essential components.
  • Extremely clean burning, with nearly 100% combustion of fuel within the Engine.

Patented. U.S. Patent No. 7,080,512 Other Patents Pending, U.S. and Foreign

Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc. is the developer and exclusive patent holder of the Cyclone Engine, and reserves all rights to the Cyclone name and mark. MEO Products Ltd is a marketer and distributor of the Cyclone Engine.