Clean burning, non-polluting, fuel efficient External Combustion engine.

  • High Efficiency
  • Multi Fuel Capacity
  • No External Cooling
  • Compact Size
  • No Transmission
  • No Vibration/No Exhaust Noise and low infrared signatures
  • Heat Regeneration
  • Super Critical Pressure

The Cyclone Engine has the ability to run efficiently on cheaper fuels (Will burn any combustible fuel including biomass and municipal waste) and being water lubricated, needs no oil changes.

Moreover, the clean burning nature of its external combustion design avoids the carbon fouling and residues that ‘coke’ up conventional gas and diesel engines over time.

With fewer operating parts, no transmission or clutch, and fewer peripherals in the Cyclone Engine system, there is less to maintain, lower cost and as an added benefit environmentally cleaner than with a conventional internal combustion engine.

None of the following are needed...

  • No external radiator
  • No anti freeze
  • No cooling fluids
  • No water pump/belts/drives
  • No oil pump
  • No oil sump
  • No oil filter
  • NO OIL!!!
  • No starter motor
  • No heavy duty starter battery
  • No heavy duty starter cabling
  • No complex fuel injector/control system
  • No transmission (when used as a drive motor)
  • No catalytic convertor
  • No silencer/muffler
  • Low thermal signature
  • Low noise signature - No internal explosion